Friday, July 20, 2012

Jesse Skwaruk - Community Development Facilitator in Honduras

All is well in Honduras! I have finished my whirwind of an orientation to the community of Salado Barra with Jean and have been exposed to the various projects and initiatives which are present here. We have decided that my primary task as community developer will be to assist those in the community in developing micro enterprises. The first project (which will be ongoing) is to start an artesanias project with those in the community. The first phase will be based on jewelry making, very exciting! Lots of interest in this project! I have collected seeds, vines, coconuts and am making some great pieces to show those in the community. From here I will host a community meeting to find out who is interested. Some of the youth are already interested, which is great, as once they finish grade 6, they have very few options for work. Additionally, I will be hosting English classes to help community to communicate with English speaking tourists when they arrive to the refuge. I have already hosted a Solar Cell Phone Charger meeting and the group involved is very keen. They are incredibly gifted at making Solar Cell Phone Chargers! This was great to see!

Here are some photos of the house I am living in, me at the beach (a 3 minute walk from my house) and an image of the houses that the majority of the community live in. I am very fortunate to live in such a huge house- an old plantation house, probably over 100 years old, newly renovated! Mangos are falling from the trees and left to rot on the ground- the ground is littered with hundreds! I have been feasing on mangos daily! Well, back off to work, Jean has left me plenty to do!! Saludos!